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About Me

Here are some things that you should know about me.

James Kam-Radcliffe

I'm a Web Developer

I currently work for a Shopify Plus Expert accredited digital agency in the lovely Southwest city of Exeter

Aside from my paid employment I'm often found tinkering away on a side project and am always open to freelance work.

I live in a little village nearby with my wife and two little boys and love nothing more than being at home with them...

...and my cat Walter.

I also like to barbecue.


Things that I work on.

I spend my working week largely on the Shopify platform. I'm often tweaking themes for clients, but what I really enjoy more... is pushing the platform to its' limits to achieve functionality that isn't there out of the box. This often includes a bespoke app to customise the admin. less...

I've been working with WordPress for a number of years now and have used it in various projects. I love the ease with which more... customisations can be made to create a completely bespoke site. My love for the PHP language can partly be attributed to the king of CMSs. less...

My first real experience of Ruby and the Rails framework was in a role maintaining a handful of sizeable and complex Rails more... apps. I quickly realised the power and speed with which web apps could be built and have since used it in a variety of projects. With a wealth of Ruby gems available to aid development, Rails is my go to framework, especially for building Shopify apps. less...

I've got to be honest, I never expected to find myself involved in this sector. However, now I'm in it I love it. I get more... to work with a diverse range of clients, building unique solutions for their online selling needs. I've also found that as well as being a superb standalone platform, Shopify can be easily integrated with WordPress, allowing further flexibility and budgets to suit all. less...

The building block of the web. The foundation of every page. A bold statement, but true. Like many if not most, my journey more... into the world of web development started here. Whatever I'm building and however I'm building it, I'm always considerate of the markup that will comprise the end product. less...

Truly dynamic content relies upon server-side technologies and the classic combination of PHP and MySQL is one of the greatest more... ways to achieve this. I've been building sites in this way since my university days - including my final year project which secured me a 1st :) - and find the support and documentation for both technologies second to none. less...


Things that I'm good at.



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